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The New Jersey Law Journal reports this week that the New Jersey Supreme Court suspended the license of an attorney at a prominent law firm for falsifying timeslips.  He admittedly charged clients for numerous appearances at depositions that never took place.  He started falsifying timeslips shortly after becoming a partner at the firm.  The attorney left the firm once the falsification came to light and the fees for the phantom appearances were returned to the clients.   The urge ... [click here to read more]
The current law school semester is drawing swiftly to a close. Students are reading their final assignments, briefing their last  set of cases and mentally organizing their study guides for the ultimate push toward reading week and then finals. This can be a stressful time of year if not handled properly. Comedians at Law has some suggestions to ease the final push: 1. Drink. Drink excessive amounts of alcohol until you pass out. Nervousness cannot be combated  simply by doing push ups and ... [click here to read more]
  Biff: "Mummy, I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself." Mummy: "What is it, dear? Biff: "You know that nasty regulation that only permitted Daddy to contribute  $2600 per candidate and an aggregate of $48,600 every two years to the  campaigns of federal candidates?" Well, the Supreme Court now says he can give $2600 per candidate to as many candidates as he wants and they can't tell him how much to spend! Mummy: 'Why is that a good thing, dear? Biff: "Well, now Daddy ... [click here to read more]
Typically, on April Fools Day you can get laughs for lying to one of your good friends.  It might be well received or, more likely,  people will politely chuckle and ask you to clean up and get back to work. But, some people still find a way to be horrible.  Most don't get arrested but today an outlier emerged.   A woman in South Carolina texted her daughter that shots had been fired at the school at which the mother worked.  This was a April Fools joke made in poor taste.  Nothing ... [click here to read more]
The U.S. Supreme Court heard oral argument this week on what has been coined the "Hobby Lobby" case. Hobby Lobby is a chain of retail arts and crafts stores that claims it should not be forced to cover the cost of certain contraceptives in its basic health plan.  The basis for its position is the constitutional right to freedom of religion:   Telephone  rings at Hobby Lobby : -This is Hobby Lobby, where craft ain't macaroni unless it's glued. May I help you? -Oh, yes! Shoddy Body? ... [click here to read more]
You might have heard about the New Jersey teen who climbed to the top of the One World Trade Center after sneaking in through a hole in the fence.  You might have heard about the individuals who got in to base jumped off of the building back in September. When you're building the tallest building in America, you can't be expected to seal off every gap in the fence.  That would be far to reasonable.  Yesterday, security at WTC finally came together. Two CNN producers were arrested for attempting ... [click here to read more]
U.S. News and World Report has released its 2015 Best Law School rankings and we at Comedians at Law fear that once again this publication has missed the boat. We could not agree less with the criteria used to rate these schools. What are the qualities that make a law school great?   1.  Nice curtains 2.  Cool school colors 3. Fierce mascot 4. Clothing optional, or... 5. Pajama Bottom Fridays 6. Pina Colada Mondays 7. At an awesome subway stop 8. All "A's" policy 9. ... [click here to read more]
  I’ve been following the Crimea situation to the point that I currently understand that it exists and Vladimir Putin wants to make it part of Russia.  However, it seems like Catherine the Great, Russian leader and Civ 5 juggernaut, signed an agreement that may cause the rights to Crimea to pass to Turkey. Once Crimea announced independence from Kyiv, Turkey had the right to take control of Crimea due to an agreement signed by Catherine the Great and the Ottoman Empire in 1783. Does ... [click here to read more]
An ABA Journal article, entitled "Lawyers in prestige positions aren’t as happy as those in public service-jobs, study finds"  reports on a recent survey that found that "lawyers in 'prestige' jobs, who had the highest grades and incomes, aren’t as happy as lawyers working in public-service jobs for substantially lower pay." So, there's the good news.  You're broke, and debt-ridden, but you're interning for a public-service agency while you try to find a job with benefits.  You must be ... [click here to read more]
The U.S Supreme Court does not look kindly upon humorous briefs according to the  New Jersey Law Journal.  This does not come as a surprise from the same esteemed body that dictates the size of the paper, the font of the print, the length of the brief and the format of the citations. Since anal retention is funny to everyone but the anal retentive, it behooves those who appear before the Court to keep it serious. It should be noted that the rules do not apply to  the members of the  U.S. Supreme ... [click here to read more]

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