We’re sure you’ve seen the recent comedic piece where the Dean of Case Western Law school made an attempt to be funny by arguing that Law school is worth piling up debt for. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/11/29/opinion/law-school-is-worth-the-money.html?smid=pl-share…Oops, he’s not joking?

The highlight of his piece was when he compared law school loans favorably to a MORTGAGE. There’s not really a big difference right, except for the small fact that you can live under your diploma!

We at Comedians-at-Law thought it was well settled that going to law school is the sucker’s move. In fact, we’ve built up an entire fan base on this premise!

Seriously though, we suppose it is an open question, if you had to go in the hole for $150,000 in debt today, and you had a few options, what would you choose?
A) Law school – been there, done that
B) Business School – seems like a 2 year law firm summer program with a higher reward

C) starting a marijuana dispensary – slightly higher cost – no pun intended – http://blog.norml.org/2010/08/21/district-of-cannabis-got-200000-to-open-a-dispensary/


D) opening a Subway sandwich Franchise – learn how to use that little Subway knife! http://www.entrepreneur.com/franchises/subway/282839-1.html#



E) Buy a minor league sports team – So I get to hang out with Bull Durham and Crash Davis, and a young Susan Sarandon every day, sign me up! http://www.ehow.com/how_5777228_buy-minor-league-sports-franchise.html



Personally, if I had to choose between all of these, I’ll take my money and get free $5 footlongs for life.

Matt Ritter, Esq

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