The Comedians at Law doesn’t just feed your minds with information. We also let you know about numerous events where you can benefit a lot. Our priority is to make sure you know all the things that can protect you. The law is made for the protection of people, but it’s sad to say that not everyone knows their rights. Check out the events that happened as well as the upcoming conferences. Don’t hesitate to take part to enrich your minds.

Child in the City Conference


Date: November 7-9, 2016
Location: University College in Ghent, Belgium

It was the 8th consecutive convention held for the Child in the City. It was an international conference that promotes creating safe and better cities for children all around the world. The venue of the conference varies each year. The host country for the 2016 convention was none other than Belgium.

2016 National Lawyers Convention


Date: November 17-19, 2016
Location: The Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC

There numerous things that will be tackled on this Convention. Even the Honorable Clarence Thomas of the United States Supreme Court is there to make his pitch. It also features prominent political personalities who can share a lot of facts.

There will be more events posted on our site to keep the public in the loop on what’s going on, so make sure to check the events from time to time.