The Legal Requirements For A Divorce Proceedings

We often heard people saying that they just got out from a messy divorce. It is a given that most divorces don’t go smoothly. A lot of issues will be taken to court, and some lives will be affected. It’s just that if things are out of hand, it may be the last option for couples. If that happens, certain requirements will be needed for the proceedings. Check out the things that the court will require you to be able to push through with the divorce.

1. Residency

Before you can file a divorce, it is essential that you have reached the required residency in a state and county before you can submit a petition for divorce. The usual timeframe is that you have resided in a state for six months at a minimum while at least three months in the county.


2. Waiting Period

The divorce proceeding is not something that can be done in an instant. There is a waiting period designated for divorce proceedings before it will be finalized. There is no rush on it. You can file the petition today, but you would have to wait for twelve months at maximum before it will be finalized.

3. Legal Grounds

You cannot file a petition for divorce without grounds. You can either list down the grounds of irreconcilable differences or separation so that the divorce case will push through. There may be other reasons for divorce, but those two are most acceptable grounds that are accepted by law.


4. Jurisdictional Requirement

The petition for divorce needs to be filed properly to be valid. It should be filed in the country where either of you lived for at least three to six months. It should be strictly followed, so the petition will not be null and void.

Make sure that you have fulfilled the requirements to get an easy process for the divorce proceedings.